May 13 Journal Entry

Had argument with Mum today. She’s upset I don’t do uni. I think her point was like, it’s okay to no do uni, but I wanna see some progression in your music. I reacted to her with a bit of frustration. I was like, you know Brad Pitt worked retail while he was following his dreams. Kanye West took 10 years to become Kanye West, worked at the GAP to get to that place. But I think I gave off the wrong vibes I dunno.

Ended up moving all the furniture out with my boys. Huynhers and Wu-tang helped a tonne. Ivan scabbed some furniture lol. Matty came and was Matty. I love my brothers man. We skated to the skate spot and, so like there’s this factory there that packages mandarins. And I went up to one of the factory workers (O this is like 9pm at night btw) and like pointed to one on the ground (so the machine churns out like bunches on top of bunches of mandarins and some drop to the floor occasionally). So I point to one and was like “Hey can we take one?”. And the lady working there just nodded uncaringly (like yeah do whatever you guys). And so I was like yes!! and started picking some off the floor for myself. The boys were already chucking one around (chucked one at Jono’s back and he nailed me right the arm after lol) and so we just ended up crowding around and eating mandarins off the floor lol. It was legit street rat moment.

Matty and Ivan were on a roll with this 2-man juggling act (they juggled 3 mandos between the 2 of em) and they just were straight ‘ballin at one point. Then Matty totes blew my mind. He started showing us these crazy juggling maneuvers. Like legit next level type ish. I was like Wuuuut!! Since when!! (There was one where he threw 2 up from. Okay I dunno how to explain it but it was legit the dopest thing I’ve seen). Like just supes technical. Haha I was totes in a trance everytime he did that one.

And yeah, found some hard avocadoes on the ground too (like 5 or 6 of them). No idea what they were doing outside a mandarin factory lol. But yeah, took 3 home in my pocketses and gon wait till they soften fosho.

And then we ended up in this secluded car-park (one where Ivan and I shared a super good talk in). And we discussed the Wolf Gang. So I was calling it the Brotherhood at the time. But I dunno what to call it (the name will naturally come). But yeah. The Brohood is just me and my church homies we tryna do the Christian fight together. And I told them it’s just us bros, we ride together, we die together type mentality. Like too many brothers struggling, or fighting alone when there’s a straight beautiful body (Body of Christ baby!) slash community of dope brothers (each with their own talents) sitting right at our feet! And that’s the stuff we finna tap into man.

And so yeah, ride or die mentality. Like this is spiritual warfare we are all waging (the war that wages on in the mind, the heart) and I want my brothers beside me on that battlefield. You know. RIDE OR DIE. I ride with my brothers I die with my brothers. And yeah, then Ian asked me where I want to take this. And I was like (went on my Kanye West for a moment) and was like of course I wanna see this become bigger than itself. Every man, woman, child, should be able to drink from the fountain. Race, religion, age, size, saint or sinner. It don’t matter. Just straight love. Kingdom of heaven type stuff. Start off small but we grow n’ nurture that stuff ’till one day the birds come perch on it’s branches. But I reminded them of course everything that is good and right takes time. Love be patient, gentle, kind. And so yeah, we talked about that. Of course, bring other people into the bro-hood.But everything we do, we do it gently, we grow it slow, we grow it right. Wisdom and tact all the way. O yeah, Matty and Huynhers expressed their enthusiasm for this so I was supes encouraged to see that and so the next coming weeks, like the skating and the free-spiritedness (mando-eating and muckin’ around) I love that stuff. That the stuff I live for mayne. But we didn’t get too much of that beers and bibles type element. You know, the REAL fellowship. The real deep stuff. The kind of, talk-until-its-way-past-midnight-and-time-flies-but-nobody-realizes-until-it’s-like-2am type stuff. O and holla at my boy Rhe3 for pioneering that phrase/idea. Beers ‘n Bibles. Man you never forget a guy like Rhee.

And so yeah I think the next coming weeks maybe visit Dulwich Hill skatepark (the boys piped up their excitement on that one, I think Matty asked “Hey what about a skatepark??”). And yeah, Phi, one of my breaking point kids, really wants to go to one as well. And this particular one at Dulwich Hill is supes close to Ian too. O and J lives close there too!! So yeah, defs keen to visit that side of the hood some day.

Buit yeah dude. We gon try go through this series on manliness and maturity with the boys.

The Marks of Manhood by Albert Mohler

So it’s just this 2.5 page blog post Pete Hughes linked me, God bless that guy btw and we finna GIT ACTIVE with that shiz.

But yeah mad fun with the boys tonight. Ride or Die! Gon cook something now and maybe shower. Maybe not. I dunno. But I really gotta install Gummy Rom on my phone (I’m rockin’ a Note 3 Neo atm, like a specced-down version of the original Note 3) and it’s been pocket dialling and texting random stuff to like toooonnnnnnes of people. So I reckon I’m gonna (so it’s rooted already) install Gummy Rom on it and just make it more stable. See how that goes.

So good talking to y’all. Imma do my shiz, y’all do yours. Peaceout everyone! And as always, God bless. God bless.



So like, the thing I like about music, is that when done well, it’s thought-provoking. It’s introspective. Examines parts of our human condition. Encourages reflection. But like a textbook can be thought-provoking, make me think about stuff. But what’s really something profoundly different about music is that it also provokes feeling. And call me old-fashioned, but as humans which today are very rational, can find logical answers to a lot of things, I still think it’s okay to feel. Even if it’s feelings of sadness, or pain, I reckon it’s okay to just let them sink in, let them do their job, let them tell you what they need to tell you. I still believe it’s okay to feel.

So anyways I’m still figuring out life. Becoming a Christian, on the surface we reckon we’ve got it all sorted out, we have all the answers, but I believe in actual fact, that because we have the Bible, we have even more questions we should be discovering, asking. And that is the beauty of the Bible as well, that sometimes it asks more questions than it answers, and challenges us to seek. Like I always, wondered why Jesus would be so cryptic sometimes. Speaking in parables and all sorts of gobbledigook. It frustrated me even. Why couldn’t he come down, be simple and straightforward, and provide us with absolute truths? But what I understand today, is that in fact, not all of life’s questions have absolute, axiomatic, dead right, black and white answers! My FCG last week, we ALL had differing perspectives about the Parable of the Lost Son. And I believe that that is absolutely wonderful. That depending on different people in different stages of life, God was speaking different things to us. I love that a lot of bits of the Bible are open to interpretation, speaking different things to us, provoking discussion, opening our eyes to others’ perspectives which are not our own. So watch out fundamentalists! Legalists! I would argue that there are tonnes of Bible bits that we haven’t fully reasoned out it’s meaning, or objectively understood, so if you have a different perspective on any one of these Bible bits, whether it’s the Atheist perspective, Agnostic, Muslim, another Christian understanding, or simply a little human being, I would love to hear, discover more, try figure what this crazy life is about. Cos nobody really knows what this life is about. But I do and always will believe there is some God and a higher meaning/purpose. Cos I see so many people, actually everyone, trying to find meaning in life, or trying to create meaning for themselves, and so why are we designed to look so fervently for meaning and why do we feel so compelled often that we are not living out our intended lives? I dnno, and I’m a slow learner, butI cordially invite you to come with me, as we try figure this whole life thing together.

Dropped Some Eaves Today

Overheard profound conversation at Mappen today. Girl telling her friend that she is beautiful. Very attractive features, etc. But explains that her beauty is probably a curse for her as well. Cos when meeting people, that is all that they’ll see. Her beauty is all that they will know of her.


God let me lose myself in you. 
As fleeting and small my life is,
in this big, messed-up world,
you still consider it precious
and I love,
that you clung on to me,
even when I had let go, entirely,
I wanted nothing to do with you,
but you held on to me,
even though I let go of you.