It’s Okay Not to be Okay

Something I need to do is to acknowledge my shortcomings. To accept my weakness. To admit sin

This is something that is very hard for me because there is so much sin in my past, and because I have grown complacent with my unrighteousness! Oh noes. I know that my sins have been wiped clean, past and present, so I have fallen into the danger of growing comfortable with my salvation, taking it for granted, and even worse, not acknowledging and addressing my sin with the concern that it deserves. 

I need to know that I am human. I need to know it’s okay not to be okay. I need to humble myself and realize that it’s not just when I became Christian that Jesus saved my ass and wiped my dirty slate, but it’s every day i need justification.

It’s every day that I need to pick up that cross. 

It’s every mafuggin day that I need to admit my wrongdoings. To repent and realize how great is the gift of forgiveness.

It’s every day that Jesus makes me new. 

Okay so that’s it. I wrote this one because whenever people ask me if I’m okay I always say I’m okay and cos I think admitting sin is something we don’t do enough! People are ashamed, scared of people passing judgement and gibber-gabbering our scandals, but our imperfections allows God to display his perfect grace and ain’t no shame in that my friend. 

It’s okay to admit sin.

“You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.” 
– Justin Bieber



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