Random Thought Dump

Things I realized today and gotta write before they leave my mind:

Was thinking about how to lead people in music worship today. Maybe I can tell them this: I want you guys to try something. Today, don’t sing from your mouth. Instead I want you to really reach down deep and sing from the heart. Whatever is on your heart at the moment, feeling humbled, joy or grief, I don’t want you to tell Facebook, or to express it on your blog, I don’t even want you to tell it for yourself, but I want you to tell it to God. The end.

Just joking. I was thinking about family. They have very different priorities and ambitions for me than my own, and usually they’ll try to contain me or restrict my freedoms as a Christian (i.e. discouraging us from doing ministry and stuff) but you gotta realize that our families mean well, they just show it in a different way than we want. I really wanna hang with my family so much more in holidays. People are like no man, you’re so young use this time to indulge in that freedom go get high with friends as much as possible, and there seems to be this inclination to choose friends over family. Fellowship over family. But there’s going to be a time when I will have my own family, when I’m going to be more independent and leave my right-now-family. So I reckon this is a really good time to be spending it with your Mum and Dad and whatever siblings, let them care for you, discipline you, learn and grow from them cos I’m not gonna have that when I finally become a man and leave the nest.

Last one, I realized this for opening yourself up in your creative field. Acting, singing, dancing, but you can apply it to Jesus as well! I realized that everyone today seems to be fighting something, fighting themselves, fighting between decisions. But why not surrender to something greater? To surrender is the answer! Realized this cos in freestyle battling people are always fighting themselves, and like using tactics and stuff. Like oh I’m gonna save up this move for that person and oh am I ready to show that new move I’ve been working on. But just surrender yourself, to feeling, to raw energy and passion. But most importantly, surrender yourself to God.


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