Skit for Ninja and Alyssa

Just needed a place with space to share this Evangelistic Dinner skit with my friends. You can ignore this post if you follow my blog. It’s just for myself as well.

Ok sup Ninja and Alyssa. So this is what we cooked up on the plane. And dw you guys don’t have many lines. So just be cool. And i rckn put put emphasis on these words.

Murphy: Okay hey FCG. This is a short skit that we cooked up. And I really want you guys to look for what are some wrong ways we can do evangelism. And look carefully guys. It might not be obvious. Enjoy!

Alyssa: [she’s talking to herself. Murphy is in the centre-back with his back to the audience. Ninja is playing on his phone on the other side of the stage]
Oh man. Life is soooo good. Exams just finished. The sun is out. What could possibly ruin such a perfect day?

[Murphy turns around]

Murphy: Oh hey there Alyssa. I didn’t see you there. [pause] So whatcha doin?

Alyssa: Nothing much. Just tryna enjoy my holidays as much as I can. I wanna join this really cool thing called Breaking Point. I hear it’s so fun [Murphy starts losing interest and goes to sleep] and especially the instructors, oh my gosh they’re sooo – [Murphy wakes up and rudely cuts her off. Starts excitedly talking about his own church dinner]

Murphy: Oh hey Alyssa. I didn’t see you there. Hey. so listen, did you know there’s this really cool dinner I’m going to. You should come. It’ll be soooo gooood. You can come see my church and see what my friends are like and then after that we can do my favourite things. Board games at Ronnie’s, fellowship over froyo. Sounds exactly like my perfect day. Wanna come?

Alyssa: Nah, no thanks. It doesn’t sound like my type of thing.
I’d much rather go dancing. [Alyssa wiggles away]

Murphy: Aww man. That didn’t go too well. Maybe I should have asked my FCG group first for support. [Approaches Ninja]. Hey Ninja, I dunno what to do. Can you pls pray with me? [Bow our heads] Dear heavenly father, I just wanna pray for clarity when talking to my non-Christian friends. Give me understanding and a love that is selfless. It’s not always about me. And i just wanna pray for Alyssa, that her heart will be receptive to you. Amen.
Oh wow. Thanks so much Ninja. I get it now. Often, we as Christians are so caught up in our events and we become so selfish and me-centred. We don’t always hafto bring non-Christians into our world, we can bring the gospel to theirs! Man, I gotta go Breaking POINT!!

[Murphy goes to Breaking Point and finds Alyssa there]

Alyssa: Oh hey Murphy. So cool you’ve been coming Breaking Point.

Murphy: Oh hey Alyssa. I didn’t see you there. Yeah Breaking Point’s so fun.
So, [pause] how is your life going? What have have you been doing lately?

Alyssa: Life is good! Holidays are good. Family is good. I’m very comfortable at the moment.

Murphy: Do you ever wonder what’s the purpose of life then? Where is all of this going? Is the agenda for life just to live comfortably? Is that it?

Alyssa: Ohhh I dunno Murphy. I’ve never thought about those things.

Murphy: Hey, why don’t you come to church dinner then? The speaker is preaching about “Are we too comfortable in life?” and you might find out what God’s plans are in your life.

Alyssa: Sounds great! Where is it?

Murphy: This way Alyssa! [both exit stage]



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