Re-examining Faith

In the Bible, there are such great tales of conflict, setbacks and dire moments for our heroes. But in the face of every persecution, through every burning furnace we are thrown into, what remains is that God’s name is always exalted in the craziest ways. Always!

There’s so many moments of futility, moments where I cannot say that I would have remained faithful: Daniel and his friends, having their lives threatened. David being hunted for years, by a psychotic king. Times where I feel so much hopelessness for these guys, but simply because they were faithful, God found ways to magnify his name, to add numbers to his kingdom. In a way, these guys had nothing going for them, but because they had God, they had everything. Faith is all these guys had! And time and time again, that is all God asks from us. God does all the heavy lifting! He will find a way to bring about victory, he will find a way to lift up the name of Christ, above all other names. And in the face of trial and suffering it is so difficult to understand how God will do these things, but to exercise faith is the most powerful thing we can do in these times, for our faith is what will stand out, what people will remember, when God delivers; And the lives of many will be saved, simply because of faith.


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