So like, the thing I like about music, is that when done well, it’s thought-provoking. It’s introspective. Examines parts of our human condition. Encourages reflection. But like a textbook can be thought-provoking, make me think about stuff. But what’s really something profoundly different about music is that it also provokes feeling. And call me old-fashioned, but as humans which today are very rational, can find logical answers to a lot of things, I still think it’s okay to feel. Even if it’s feelings of sadness, or pain, I reckon it’s okay to just let them sink in, let them do their job, let them tell you what they need to tell you. I still believe it’s okay to feel.

So anyways I’m still figuring out life. Becoming a Christian, on the surface we reckon we’ve got it all sorted out, we have all the answers, but I believe in actual fact, that because we have the Bible, we have even more questions we should be discovering, asking. And that is the beauty of the Bible as well, that sometimes it asks more questions than it answers, and challenges us to seek. Like I always, wondered why Jesus would be so cryptic sometimes. Speaking in parables and all sorts of gobbledigook. It frustrated me even. Why couldn’t he come down, be simple and straightforward, and provide us with absolute truths? But what I understand today, is that in fact, not all of life’s questions have absolute, axiomatic, dead right, black and white answers! My FCG last week, we ALL had differing perspectives about the Parable of the Lost Son. And I believe that that is absolutely wonderful. That depending on different people in different stages of life, God was speaking different things to us. I love that a lot of bits of the Bible are open to interpretation, speaking different things to us, provoking discussion, opening our eyes to others’ perspectives which are not our own. So watch out fundamentalists! Legalists! I would argue that there are tonnes of Bible bits that we haven’t fully reasoned out it’s meaning, or objectively understood, so if you have a different perspective on any one of these Bible bits, whether it’s the Atheist perspective, Agnostic, Muslim, another Christian understanding, or simply a little human being, I would love to hear, discover more, try figure what this crazy life is about. Cos nobody really knows what this life is about. But I do and always will believe there is some God and a higher meaning/purpose. Cos I see so many people, actually everyone, trying to find meaning in life, or trying to create meaning for themselves, and so why are we designed to look so fervently for meaning and why do we feel so compelled often that we are not living out our intended lives? I dnno, and I’m a slow learner, butI cordially invite you to come with me, as we try figure this whole life thing together.


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